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Mostly ZeLink draws, but also i support some the next pairings: Goku x Milk, Kaoru x Kenshin, Bianca x Hero (DQ IV), Tifa x Cloud, a crossover between Integra Hellsing (Hellsing) and Kamui Shirou (X/1999), me and my lovely Link's OCs... etc.

More pairings will be addeded depending on what me and my boyfriend want to draws.


:thumb273554591: RK Stamp - Kaoru Kenshin 005 by hanakt Goku and ChiChi - STAMP by NamekianKAI






 So finally I've returned from my short vacations! And I have some draws to upload -specially hentai ones that if you want to see them you have to visit my Tumblr, Pixiv or HentaiFoundry account!-, I hope you don't mind if I upload three draws in a row!

 Whatever, that's all! I'm here and I'm going to reply back your notes and everything! Also I know almost everything regarding PayPal account, but I still need to do something else in order to open comissions.

 Anyway, that's all! I'm happy to be here again! I hope you enjoy my following draws.

 Bye Bye!



 ¡Así que finalmente he regresado de mis cortas vacaciones! Y tengo algunos dibujos que subir -especialmente hentais que si deseas ver tendrás que visitar mi Tumblr, Pixiv o HentaiFoundry-, ¡espero que no les moleste que suba tres dibujos de una!

 En fin, ¡en realidad eso sería todo! Estoy de vuelta y responderé sus consultas y todo ello. Igualmente ya casi sé todo lo que debo saber respecto al PayPal, pero aún necesito hacer algo más para poder abrir las comisiones.

 ¡En fin! Eso es todo, ¡estoy feliz de haber vuelto a su lado! Y espero que disfruten mis próximos dibujos.

 ¡Nos vemos!



My beloved and wonderful husband's actual DA: :icongeneral-link:

My old DA account: :iconmadam-integra-shirou:

My Link's old DA account: :iconvampire-kamui:

My FF account (just spanish stories):

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Yato-Kagura 13 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
De casualidad ... ¿Tu eras Anna Kymoyama?.
Queen-Zelda 11 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
¡Sí! También fui Mysteltain, Zauharant y Sir-Integra-Hellsing, pero: abandoné la primera cerrando la cuenta, Mysteltain y Zauharant me las bannearon porque estaban linkeadas y en una de las cuentas subí un dibujo hentai censurado sin darme cuenta que eso tampoco se podía. Sir-Integra-Hellsing está activa pero es porque pedí que la eliminaran a los que manejan DA y todavía no la cierran.

 Esta es mi cuenta definitiva, pero ya no hago los dibujos que solía hacer cuando era AnnaKymoyama.

¿Por qué la duda? Es sólo curiosidad.
Bugiman1994 1 day ago  Hobbyist
What program do you use for drawing?
Queen-Zelda 23 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
 Ah! I use Paint Tool Sai for everything except for the text and final details, but I almost do everything in the same program!
You use mouse insted pen tablet for lineart?
How do you do it must be very hard to draw smooth lines.
Queen-Zelda 21 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
 I use mouse instead a Pen tablet because I don't use Tablet and I don't have anything related to it.

 Isn't really hard for that program, I mean the curve line is a God for drawing only using a mouse! So you could try using it without any problem.
(1 Reply)
Rosa-Laevigata Apr 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I just love your artwork! It actually inspires me to draw with more creativity. :)

And your pretty much the only artist I know who dislikes Ilia, Midna, and Malon all at once. And people have been asking me why I hate them, it's actually with the same reasons with yours. But I'd to ask a question, that I've been asked so many times: Why do you/What made you ship ZeLink?

I'm honestly really curious.
Queen-Zelda 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
 I like both characters and canonically both are together or close in every single game.. except for those in where Zelda doesn't appears -Majora and Awek, but in Awek Link confuses that character that I hate too -Marin- and in Majora Zelda is the one who gave you the song of time, so the Princess also appears in some way-.

 The game ends when Link saves Zelda -if she's in danger- and defeat the enemy, all the characters he encounters in the middle are NPCs who gives you something and that's all, I mean they have less contact with Link than Zelda except for... ah... Midna, but that horrible character -for me- made TP her own game, Link doesn't has any kind of presence, same for Zelda and Ganondorf, you can delete Link, Zelda and Ganondorf and it will be Midna's game without any problem, you can replace them, would be exactly the same.

 I like the Princess, I like the Hero, you can see him truly worry about the Princess -OoT, SS, etc-, or her worry for Link -Like in OoT and WW, for example-, I just like them, love them, worship every single interaction moment they have and I'm demanding for more.

 I don't really need a reason for like them together, they're together -maybe don't in a love way, but you can play with that-, they share more moments than other character in almost all games -as I said before, except for some other games- and I like BOTH character, they're my babies! I also love Impa, probably the only other girl in all LoZ game I like, the other I'm neutral with or I just hate them.

 Is a little difficult to answer you in English, but I have much more reasons why I love both of them together and why I hate Link with other or Zelda with other... I can tell you but in a note or something!

 Anyway... you really hate Midna? Becase I browsed your favorites and you have some draws of her faved... I could stand Midna only if she's with Zant, in parody, in love, I don't care who but like 8.000.000 kms faraway from Link... but if you ask me I prefer to see her murdered, but there are NOT artist more than my boyfriend and me who draws that kind of art... tehehehe I worship my boyfriend.

 Whatever! See you later and thanks for asking me! And if someone ask you why you like ZeLink, then think a little and answer!
Rosa-Laevigata 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I actually hate Midna, it's just that I favourite the artworks because their usually really good quality, or if it's hilarious and it doesn't involve Midna and Link being together as a couple. There are times that I can stand her but most of the time she just irritates me.

But thank you for your answer. I was just really curious; usually people don't have a straight forward answer.

Thanks anyway!:iconcutiesmileplz:
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